Rural Bank Manager

Rural Bankers provide a personalised service, supporting rural customers with their banking and financial service needs, including complex lending and financial requirements.

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If you enjoy school subjects like economics, maths and accounting and enjoy working with people then a career in rural banking could suit you.

Rural Bankers may do some or all of the following and more: provide personalized service such as on farm visits; supply the lending know-how and analytical skills to five more information and help farmers make decisions about their business; analyse customers’ finances; complete cash flows and budgets; approve or gain approval for loans; regularly contact customers to see if the bank can provide them with additional services.


A Rural Banker will typically work regular 9 – 5 hours, and a 40 hour week. 

Chances of Employment:

Chances of employment as a rural banker are competitive, however if you have the right personality and the right qualification behind you, you are in with a chance.


Pay can be varied if you’re working in the rural banking sector. Graduates can start at $45,000, but those that perform well and have a lot of experience could earn up to $120,000.


You must have NCEA Level 3 credits in english and maths, and gain University entrance.

You will typically need a bachelor’s degree in commerce or agricultural science. It can also help to have some experience working in a customer service role.