Food Technician

Food technicians research new food and beverage products, and develop ways to produce and improve the quality of these products. They may also develop or improve the processing, packaging, storage and safety of food in accordance with government and industry standards.

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If you enjoy sciences like biology and chemistry along with maths; working as a food technician could be a good career path

A Food Technologist may do some or all of the following: improve or develop new food and drinks; make test samples of food products and conduct trials; ensure food products meet specifications and standards (quality assurance); source and select ingredients for food products.


A Food Technologist will generally work from 9am to 5pm.

Chances of Employment:

Chances of getting a job as a food technologist are good due to a shortage of people in the role.


As a graduate you may ear around $40,000 -$45,000 a year. A senior Food Technologist may earn up to $85,000.



You will need to study calculus and chemistry to NCEA level 3, and you may also need statistics, physics, technology or biology.

You will need a Bachelor’s degree in food science or technology or another related science degree.