Vet Nurse

Vet Nurses help with the examination, treatment and rehabilitation of sick and injured animals. They also interact with clients and perform receptionist duties.

If you enjoy science such as biology and chemistry and you enjoy working with and caring for animals (and you’re not too squeamish!) then working as a Vet Nurse could be for you. Employers will look for Vet Nurses who: are mature and responsible; work well under pressure; inspire confidence in clients; are good communicators; have organizational skills; are decisive and able to solve problems. You need to have good animal-handling skills, a knowledgor of basic science, including the anatomy and physiology of animals, and knowledge of animal care, hygiene and medicines. 

Vet Nurses may be required to carry out and or all of the following tasks and more: clean cages and surgery areas; carry out general cleaning duties; carry out administration and reception duties; give advice to customers over the phone; feed and exercise animals; perform diagnostic tests and keep records; assist diring surgical operations including monitoring the anaesthetic; accompany and assist veterinarians on call-outs to locations such as houses and farms.


Vet Nurses may work regular business hours, however they may be required to be on call, do shift work, or work on weekends. They may also have to travel to visit clients, especially if working in a rural area.

Chances of Employment:

Chances of getting a job as a vet nurse are average as there is a good supply of trained veterinary nurses. 


Vet Nurses earn between $31,000 and $50,000 per year, but this will depend greatly on experience, responsibility and location. 

Useful subjects to take in school are Physics, Chemistry, Biology, English, Mathematics and Computing.  While there are no specific requirements to become a Vet Nurse, you are more employable if you have a certificate or diploma in veterniary nursing, or a qualification in animal care. There are a number of Vet Nursing training courses, some of which can be completed part-time through correspondence.