Zoologists study animals and all aspects of their lilves, inclding their habitats, habits and anatomy. as wel as researching areas such as pest control or species conservation and advise people on how to manage species sustainably.

If you love science such as biology and chemistry, have an enquisitive nature and enjoy problem solving and work to do with animals, then becoming a Zoologist could be the correct career path for you. You would need to be fit and healthy, practical, accurate, patient and logical. You would also need to be a good written and verbal communicator.

Zoologists may do some or all of the following and more: study the make-up, growth, diseases and origin of animals; study the relationship between animals and their environment; study the genetics and molecular biology of animals; do research into areas such as pest control or spcies condervations; do laboratory work and fieldwork; write reports and scientific articles; give talks to community groups and local authorities; advise local authorities and iwi on how to manage species sustainably. 


Zoologists work fairly regular hours, but are often required to work evenings and weekends, especially while doing fieldwork. They work in laboratories and offices, and may have to travel both nationally and internationally to work on projects or to attend conferences.

Chances of Employment:

Chances of getting a job as a Zoologist are average, due to limited opportunities in some areas of employment, but high demand in others. 


Zoologist Technicians usually earn $35,000 - $50,000 per year. Working as Scientists, they can earn as much as $100,000 per year. 

Good subjects to take at school in order to become a Zoologist are English, Maths with Statistics, Biology, Chemistry and Geography. You will need to complete a Bachelor of Science majoring in either zoology, ecology, microbiology, biotechnology or molecular biology. 

If you are looking to enter a research-based position, it is recommended to complete postgraduate qualifications such as a Master's degree or PHD.