Farm Manager

Farm Managers are responsible for the planning and day to day management of farms, and need to understand the seasonal timing of tasks and duties. Farm managers are often in charge of staff members, and need to know about running a business as well as caring for stock

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Working as a farm manager would suit someone who enjoys working outdoors, handling animals, and doesn’t mind getting their hands dirty. A farm manager needs to be able to manage staff, as well as run a farming operation. Employers are looking for workers who are: motivated and willing to work hard; adaptable and efficient; responsible; willing to learn; able to work well under pressure and as part of a team. You should also be healthy and have a good level of fitness and stamina.

Farm Managers can be expected to do any of the following jobs and more: pasture and stock management; hire and supervise employees and contractors; buy and sell stock; muster and shift stock; wean lambs; drench, dip, dag and shear sheep; buy/make feed such as silage and hay; general farm maintenance and the training and handling of dogs.


Farm Managers hours will vary depending on the season, but will often start as early as 7am and work through until late afternoon/evening. They can often be expected to work weekends too.

Chances of Employment:

There is a general shortage of farm workers and managers in New Zealand, so chance of employment will be high.


A Farm Manager’s salary will vary hugely depending on the size and scale of the farming operation they are running. This will include benefits such as housing, petrol, power, meat, vet bills for working dogs and even some meals.


Useful subjects to take at schools are: agriculture, horticulture, workshop technology, maths, english and science. There are no specific requirements for becoming a farm manager but a lot of experience and farming knowledge is necessary; a degree or diploma could help to equip you with the skills and knowledge to win a job as a Farm Manager.