Genevieve Steven

Job: Biological Environmental Farming     Area: Tasman

Genevieve is currently in her first year at Lincoln University, studying Agricultural Science. She plans to move in to Organic Environmental Farming.

NZ Young Farmers Involvement:
Genevieve has been involved in NZ Young Farmers events since her first Get Ahead Career Experience day in 2011. She started up the Craighead Diocesan School TeenAg Club, and competed in the Aorangi TeenAg Regional Final in 2012. She is currently a member of the Lincoln University Young Farmers Club and has participated in the In2 the Field programme and completing a Soil/Fertiliser Consultant placement with Nicole Bowis from Ballance in 2011.

"My involvement in the NZ Young Farmers programmes has made me realise that even though I'm a girl, I can still have a career in Ag. Get Ahead really motivated me to set up the TeenAg Club and encourage more girls to overcome the barrier of being a female in the agricultural industry. The programmes were great and have opened my eyes to lots of different pathways and to the idea of overseas opportunities."

The Plan:
To complete an Agricultural Science Degree at Lincoln University, then work in an advisory role to farmers, helping them to apply biological farming principals to their own farming systems. (Biological farming aims to lower inputs whilst maintaining and increasing outputs.)  
Genevieve has a DairyNZ Scholarship, and encourages all students to apply for all the scholarships they can, "you never know what you'll get." 

Influence's/Role Models:
Genevieve's dad is her biggest influence, as he's always thinking about how he can farm better following the biological farming principals in order to increase the farms productivity using natural products. The environment and sustainable farming are at the forefront of his thinking. 
Her Grandma is her greatest role model - "She's one of my best friends and has encouranged and nurtured my leadership skills."

Helping with Brownies and Girl Guides, working with people, sewing and patchwork, tramping, hunting, climbing. "Being outdoors, and lawn bowls."


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"I want to help farmers to increase pasture productivity and thus improve meat, wool and milk yields and quality by focusing on the soil microbiology and nutrients, and through good soil management and the use of natural products"

How did I get here:

School - NCEA: French, Geography, Chemistry, Biology, Statistics and Modelling & Scholarship Biology

University: Currently studying Agricultural Science at Lincoln University, taking papers in Bio Chemistry, Animal Science, Plant Sciences and Management