Shepherding sheep with a DRONE?! Planning where to lay seed, fertiliser, water and move your sheep to graze all with a DRONE?!?
Here is an awesome video that shows innovation coming through with newer technology that is developing.
Could you have the next ground breaking idea?

Want to be a chiropractor? Have you thought about being an ANIMAL chiropractor?
Watch the video below to hear about Fenella and her experiences and the animals she has had sessions with.
Fenellas magic has converted a horse that wouldn't let you touch her to a horse that loves to be around people.

Here is a video talking to a range of young people working in New Zealand Primary Industries.
Those interviewed talk about where they studied and their career pathway.

Now that we have your attention... Have you thought about the stretchy delicious mozzarella cheese that goes into the crusts and on top of your pizza?
Watch the video below to see how milk produced here in NZ becomes Mozzarella and travels all over the world!

Check out the video below with George Brown, Herd Manager of a Dairy Farm in NZ. George Moved to New Zealand from the UK to learn about dairying and how we do it with the hopes to take "energy and expertise and get some more young guys and girls coming in behind"him back in the UK.

At the end of the video George wisely says - "If you could take away every other sector but you still need to have food and if you took away the farming sector then the whole world sort of comes to a halt."