Info for Teachers and Careers Advisors

The recent trend to larger farms and larger herds and flocks means there is now more employment and career options for young people who want to become involved in the ag industry.

There is also a number of off-farm careers in agriculture that offer young Kiwis the opportunity to work with farmers to help them grow a profitable business (eg. rural banker, farm consultant, scientist, vet).

Previously the agriculture industry was seen as a profession for practially minded students and those with interests in science or mathematics were steered in other directions. The growth in innovation and technology in the agricultural sector means that our academically minded students are needed now more than ever.

Increasingly, farmers are beginning to treat their farms as they should be - as profitable businesses. They also recognise the need for skilled people who want to learn the business. More and more people are needed to help support these businesses every year. As a result, the pay and conditions are competitive, meaning the ag industry provides viable career opportunities for young people today.

Have a look through our Teacher Resources or contact us for more information today so we can help your students see the potential in this growing and ever-changing industry.