Experience Days

There really is something for everyone in the ag industry

Don't believe us? Come along to one of our Get Ahead Experience Days and we'll prove it to you.

  • Learn about the diversity of the agriculture industry and all the different careers available to you.
  • We won't coop you up inside and make you watch boring slide shows! The Experience Days are practical, fun, interactive and there's even a feed and some prizes in it for you!
  • You'll hear from young professionals in the industry. These people were in your position just a few years ago.
  • You'll get to learn about new technologies and practices that you might not have even known existed.
  • The Experience Days focus on Pasture to Plate - it's all about the supply chain and how every job in the agricultural industry contributes to food production in New Zealand. You won't believe how many people are involved in that spag bol on your table at night.
  • There are ten Experience Days to be held throughout the country every year, so there's bound to be one in a town near you.
  • Finally... we promise you'll have that much fun, you'll forget you're even learning.


Why did you decide to bring your students along to the Get Ahead Experience Day?

“To increase their awareness of the huge variety of career pathways in the agriculture industry and to upskill my own knowledge”

“To give our students the opportunity to be exposed to activities/information about the agriculture industry. For our students to experience interacting with students from different schools and adults they wouldn’t normally have contact with. These activities are important in growing a young person’s confidence to adapt to unfamiliar situations. They become transferable into adult working life.”

“It was great last year and it is a great support to the campaign of increasing the awareness of the primary industry careers.”


See photos of all the past Experience Days on our Facebook page!