Aaron Hunt

Job: Rural Valuation     Area: North Auckland

The Property Valuer

Aaron grew up helping his father on a beef farm. He always wanted a career in farming because he loved the lifestyle. After graduating with a Bachelor of Commerce (Agriculture) degree from Lincoln University, he is now a Rural Property Valuer for TelferYoung, based in Whangarei.

What do you love about your job?
It's fantastic! I spend half the day in the office, half in the field. I get paid to yarn to farmers and don't have to sell them anything. I’m my own boss and do everything: making appointments, writing reports, and going out in the field. The job is flexible, with no weekend work. I can drive up to 500 km in a day.

Can you describe exactly what you do?
I assess the value of farms. This could be for mortgage or sale purposes. I consider property location, climate, soil type, resource management issues, production capability, and assess the farm's value compared to others locally.

What skills do you need to do the job well?
Good time management and being a people person. You must be a competent judge of farm value, have good social skills, be professional and make a good first impression.

What school subjects would be important for this job?
Maths, Accounting and Economics. And English for report-writing.

Is a degree important?
A Bachelor of Commerce (Agriculture) degree offers heaps of job opportunities. University prepares you well, but it's more than a piece of paper - it's about making contacts.

Do you need to have a farming background to take that course?
No. A mate with no farming background came top of the class!

What advice do you have for young people wanting to enter the farming industry?
Get work experience between leaving school and starting University. If you like being outdoors in the farming community, then you'll enjoy a farming career. There are many opportunities if you're prepared to work hard.

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How did I get here:

School - NCEA: Maths, Accounting, Economics, English

University: Bachelor of Commerce in Agriculture