Livestock Agents/buyers arrange the buying and selling of livestock for slaughter or farming. They also give farmers advice on livestock, farming supplies and livestock market trends.

Livestock Agents may do some or all of the following and more: visit farms to assess the weight and condition of animals that may be ready for sale; telephone work, calling farmers and other clients; assess the value of livestock; draft prime stock for meat processing or export companies; advise farmers about market trends and new stock prices; act as an auctioneer at sales; arrange the sale/purchase of stock for fattening.

How to get there:

NCEA Level 3 maths and English could be useful.

A tertiary qualification in agriculture, commerce or farm management could be useful but many of the skills are learnt on the job.


A Stock Agent will generally work very regular hours; around 40 a week.


The average wage for a Stock Agent is $67, 300 a year plus benefits like a company vehicle and cellphone. Stock Agents are often paid through a mixture of salary and commission.

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