Production Managers are generally based in an office or on the factory floor of a food processing plant. They supervise large groups of factory workers and also deal with suppliers, contractors, customers and members of the public.

Production Managers will do some or all of the following and more: work with factory management and staff to set production goals and budgets; work out the most efficient methods or producing goods; order materials and supplies; write reports on production results and audit production systems; set quality standards and check these are being maintained; meet and liaise with customers; human resources and staff management.

How to get there:

Useful subjects include maths and computing.

Tertiary qualifications such as engineering, manufacturing technology may be required by some employers, but a lot of the skills are learnt on the job. You will need to have experience working in a factory in a supervisory role especially.


A Production Manager will generally work 40+ hours a week, and these hours may include shift work.

Chance of employment:

Due to the economic recession and the closure of some factories, there's not a high demand for these roles currently.


Production Managers earn between $45,000 and $90,000 a year depending on their individual responsibilities and the scale of production they are managing.

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