The farm manager works with the farm owner’s policy guidelines and business plans including managing finance, cows, grass, recruitment and supervision of staff.
A farm manager is responsible for the financial and physical performance of the farm and as such will be highly skilled in all aspects of the farm business. On larger farms this role will also include responsibility for recruiting and managing staff.
In this role you will be responsible for implementing the short and long term business plans of the farm owner. You will have responsibility for the financial and physical performance of farm.

Is it for me?

Working as a farm manager would suit someone who enjoys working outdoors, handling animals and doesn't mind getting their hands dirty. A farm manager needs to be able to manage staff as well as a farming operation.

How to get there:

Useful subjects to take at school are: agriculture, horticulture, workshop technology, maths, English and science.

You will ideally have 3-5 years experience working directly on farm, having gained an overview of all the required elements needed for farm management. You will also have some experience of managing staff. It could be useful to have one or more of the following qualifications: National Certificate in Agribusiness Management, Level 4; National Diploma in Agribusiness Management, Level 4; Certificate in Rural Staff Management (or similar); an agricultural science / management bachelor’s degree.


Farm Managers hours will vary depending on the season  but will often start around 5am and work through til late afternoon/evenings. They can often be expected to work some weekends too.

Chance of employment:

There is a general shortage of farm workers and managers in New Zealand so chance of employment will be high.

What's the pay like?

Farm managers will generally earn an average salary of $69,000; which may include a benefits package which could include housing and even power.

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