Essentially a Stock Manager's job is the next step up from Farm Assistant and carries the responsibility of looking after a herd and carrying out stock management. The Stock Manager will assist the Farm Manager or Owner.

A Stock Manager's job varies from day to day and may include any of the following jobs and more: Shifting stock between paddocks; maintaining buildings, yards and fences; monitoring animal health; shearing sheep; training and working your own dogs.

Is it for me?

A Stock Manager must enjoy working with and caring for animals. This means everything from animal health to pasture management to ensure animals are appropriately cared for. You'll need to love working outdoors.

How to get there:

Useful subjects to take at school are: agriculture, horticulture, workshop technology, maths, English and science.

There are no specific requirements to becoming a Stock Manager, but generally you would have to work your way up from being a Farm Assistant or Shepard. Qualifications aren't necessary but could be helpful.


You could be expected to work anywhere between 40 to 50 hours a week, often starting around 7 and finishing at 5. This may be longer during busy seasons. Some weekend work can also be expected.


A Stock Manager will earn on average between $30,000 to $50,000 a year and other extra benefits may also be received such as housing, free meat, vet bills for working dogs or even petrol allowances.

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