Murray Perks

Job: Farm Consultancy     Area: Canterbury

The Consulting Officer

Murray used to live on his uncle's farm in Taranaki. Now he’s scored a job even though he hasn’t graduated from Lincoln University yet. He’s studying towards a Bachelor of Agricultural Science.

Tell us about the new job.
Early next year I will train as a consulting officer. I found out about the job through the DairyNZ scholarship I was awarded during high school. I initially wanted to go farming, but my uncle suggested I try something else first. This role will allow me to develop heaps of contacts and get a good handle on the new research.

How were you introduced to farming?
I worked on the farm during the weekends and school holidays. I even had a stint managing the farm, which was quite challenging because I had to manage people of my own age.

Why did you decide to stick with dairy farming?
I can't see myself in an office as I’m an outdoors person. The flexible hours are also a bonus, as is the chance to be my own boss, because I work better independently.

What's it like studying at Lincoln?
It's really good. The degree covers a broad range of topics and you end up studying every facet of farming. The third and fourth years are especially interesting because you can choose the courses that best suit you.

What advice would you give to young people wanting to enter the farming industry?
Definitely take chemistry, because it’s one of the most challenging papers for those in agriculture science. Biology is helpful and so is physics. Statistics is good when it comes to research. And try to get some practical experience on a farm. I think people suit different farm systems - it's just a matter of finding out what’s best for you.

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How did I get here:

School - NCEA: Chemistry, Biology, Agriculture Science, Physics

University: Bachelor of Agricultural Science